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When life gives you lemons….pucker up.

So it’s been awhile since I’ve been here.  (It seems I have a firm grasp on the obvious – that’s a good sign.) However, it’s the why it’s been awhile that needs some explaining. You see – life threw lemons at us.  And while it is an old, hackneyed, tired expression to say you should make lemonade – I’m going to say it.   Nothing is ever just handed to you – it’s up to you to make that happen.  So we found the sugar, added the water, and created a new lemonade recipe.

Nevin’s Loving Life-Let’s move on-Lemonade:

Lemon ingredients:

  1. 2 lost jobs

  2. 1 broken furnace

  3. 1 roof leak

  4. 0 money

  5. 2 broken pipes

  6. 9 wicked cold snow storms

  7. 4 water damaged floors

  8. 3 exposed rafters where the ceilings collapsed

  9. 1 flooded basement (contains drums, buckets, cases, boxes, electronics, and other items that can be used to hold water)

  10. 1 deed-in-lieu to the mortgage company

Sugar ingredients:

  1. 2 parents that stand by you even though you are over the age of 45

  2. 1 couple/best friends who never give up on you

  3. 2 landlords willing to take a chance

  4. 1 move: home to Colorado

  5. 4 – 6 kids to help load the moving truck

  6. 5 golden rings – I wish

  7. 1 new puppy

  8. 2 new jobs

  9. 3 great friends to help unload the moving van

  10. Unlimited amazing adventures

  11. 2 people returning to their roots

  12. 0 regrets

Throw in a few things just for extra flavor:

  1. 56 hours of driving time PA to CO

  2. 1 funeral combined with a house being moved down the street plus our moving van blocking the road

  3. 1 minor car accident straight out of a Coen brothers movie

  4. 1 midnight on New Year’s Eve crossing the Pennsylvania border

  5. 2 missed flights back to PA

  6. 1 weather exchange of 33°F and sleeting in PA for 60°F and sunny in CO – on the same day

  7. Substitute 1 new and better job for the Colorado job

  8. 1 missed left turn at Albuquerque (watch some Bugs Bunny if this comment doesn’t make sense)

  9. 2 weeks without my anxiety meds (just to add some agitation to the final product)

Mix with excessive amounts of wonderful water from the Colorado sky.

Shake vigorously with all the friends that have loved, helped, carried, laughed, cried, and just sat with us when we needed.

Yield: Unlimited servings

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