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Straight Line vs. Squiggle

I describe being the parent of a child with ADHD as a straight line trying to raise a squiggle - it is beyond exhausting when you and your child are so different. Helping parents and kids learn to understand each other and navigate life successfully is my job and my pleasure.

ADHD means the brain processes information differently and at different speeds. In your child, it may mean they cry more, are clumsy, time management is a foreign concept, their impulse control is non-existent, and fidgeting is standard practice. These are some of the missing executive functions needed to succeed.

But ADHD may also mean your child is more

creative, inventive, enthusiastic, passionate, and courageous. These strengths make our success in life exciting, colorful, spontaneous, filled with wonder, and never dull.

ADHD may be a reason your child has difficulty being on time, but it can not be an excuse they rely on. We must find solutions and ways to compensate for the challenges of being neurodiverse. Using ADHD as an advantage is about learning skills that bypass the negatives and embrace the positives.

I had a therapist once who asked what I liked most about myself. I said, my crazy brain. When she asked what I liked least, I gave the same answer. And that is the reality I live with every day. The thing that lets me paint a beautiful canvas also makes me forget where I said I would be at a specific time.

There is no simple solution for parenting a child with ADHD. No two neurodiverse people are ever the same. But there are resources, coaches, tools, and techniques that can help. Additude Magazine is an excellent website for articles, information, life hacks, and more. The VIA Character Strengths Survey is a free survey that identifies your child's greatest strengths. With this information, you can determine what works instead of what doesn't. (There are two versions - one for adults and the VIA Youth Survey for children)

You want what is best for your kiddo, but sometimes the solution is buried under the chaos that follows in your child's wake.

Next time you think, "Why can't my kid just do what I ask?" call me. We can find the answers together.

Let's talk - free consultation - no obligation. Email: or Text: 720-837-4229.

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I offer one-on-one coaching with your teen or young adult child. Together we discover what is getting in their way to success in high school, college, or life. For those with younger children, I coach the parent(s) on ways to interact, engage, and understand that little squiggle living under your roof.

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