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How Coaching Works

Coaching is, first and foremost, a partnership between the client and the coach.

two pencil drawings one on top of the other. The top has mixed up paths, the bottom paths are clear

Have you ever had someone give you advice only to find it doesn’t work? That’s because the only solutions that ever succeed are the ones we find for ourselves. But seeing that solution can sometimes be nearly impossible. Here is where the coach comes in. It is my responsibility to help you through self-discovery, encouraging and clarifying goals, developing achievable steps, and identifying tools that work with the way you think. 

Using reflective listening, asking thought-provoking questions, and simplifying the process, the coach draws from you the foundation to build a plan that will work for you rather than against you.

In very basic terms – I help you with goal setting and achieving success. 

Here are a few questions a client-coach team can answer:

Do you need support as you change and grow towards the life you want?

Are you aware that you have the power to make thoughtful choices rather than following along with the crowd?

How do you get unstuck when something is holding you back?

Do you understand what it means to learn for yourself how to create the life you want?

Do you know that thinking differently is a strength to be honored and not a cause for shame?

Let me help you find what works for you. It’s there just waiting to be discovered.

pencil drawing Zen Tangle inspired art of a girl dancing holding balloons

I am not a straight line - AN 2015

Zentangle inspired art of the word Courage

Are you interested in discovering your hidden courage?

You already possess the courage to meet your goals. A diversity coach will help you uncover what is already within you.

Zentangle inspired art of the word Hope

Would you like to find your unknown strength?

A diversity life coach can help you uncover your untapped strength by helping you stay accountable to your goals.

Zentangle inspired art of the word Strength

Can you restore your hope in a brighter future?

When we learn to work with how we think instead of against it, we see the future in a whole new light.

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